Update: Development in Babcock vs Matthews Relations & Your Fan Reactions

Tonight on Hockey Night In Canada, panelist Elliotte Friedman had an update on the recent Auston Matthews vs Mike Babcock Saga. 

During 1st intermission, Friedman said Mike Babcock will travel to Arizona to meet with Auston Matthews and "Iron things out."

Many Leafs fans have been left scratching their heads throughout the year in response to the coaches use of the young superstar.

Why has Matthews only seen 17mins of ice time in key games when he scores at a rate among the top players in the league per even strength minutes?

Adding Connor Brown to the Matthews/Hyman line instead of Nylander in the playoffs to "get 34 going"?

An unwillingness to play Matthews with Marner at all?

Matthews a fixture on the 2nd power play unit?

While some of these issues may be justified or argued, others cannot and these are just a few of the regular concerns which sprouted up across social media on a regular basis in the 2017/2018 season.

I love to gauge fan reaction and the more I read from Twitter posts, Facebook threads, & fan blogs alike, the more I can see that Leafs Fans are tired of Babcock's antics and outright stubborn approach to his team.

I have captured a few of my favourite quotes from around the internet today.

Other fans are clinging to the notion that the glass is still have full and all this nonsense is media generated.

And perhaps there is nothing to worry about at all.

Where do you stand on the Matthews/Babcock saga? Is this something management should be concerned with? Is this more media driven headlines? Is this simply more over-coverage of the Maple Leafs?

Let us know, we would love to hear from you as I plan to do a full on, fan reaction article from the best comments on this article from Twitter, Facebook and of course nhltraderumors.me

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