BREAKING: Capitals and Avalanche Make the First Trade Of the Night

The draft hasn't even started yet and we have a trade to announce!

Reporters Believe Max Pacioretty Will Be Traded Today

Yesterday, we reported on a rumour that would send Ryan O'Reilly to the Montreal Canadiens for Max Pacioretty or the 3rd overall pick. Today, we are hearing more chatter about Pacioretty being traded, but not to Buffalo for O'Reilly.

NHL Trade Rumors: Jeff Skinner to Vancouver Canucks

It seems inevitable that Jeff Skinner will be leaving Carolina, but where?  A few weeks ago, it seemed that the 26 year old center would be heading to Los Angeles, but with the Kings looking at both Montreal captain Max Pacioretty and unrestricted free agent John Tavares, Skinner may have become plan C or disregarded altogether.

RUMOR: Blockbuster Trade Rumour Between Buffalo and Montreal

Rumours of Ryan O'Reilly coming to the Montreal Canadiens are hardly a new thing. However Brian Wilde reported a potential blockbuster trade for O'Reilly yesterday.

The Ottawa Canadian Tire Fire Sale

Burning Down The House?

Could the coming week; pre and post 2018 NHL Draft, become a fire sale for the once proud Ottawa Senator franchise?  There is no secret that the Sens locker room has laid witness to far more cancer than most oncologists do in their career.  Although one was removed in the malignant form of Mike Hoffman, it doesn't take much to imagine that this will the first move of many in the coming days.

Edmonton Oilers Rumors: 10th Overall, Pick or Trade?

For Oilers fans there are a lot of questions heading into this week's NHL entry draft.

BREAKING: Hoffman Has Been Dealt Again!

Soon after acquiring Mike Hoffman from the Ottawa Senators, the San  Jose Sharks have sent him over to the Panthers.

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