Brendan Shanahan Believes The Toronto Maple Leafs Can Win The Stanley Cup

Brendan Shanahan was appointed as President and Alternate Governor of The Toronto Maple Leafs in 2014. He took over a franchise who have experienced nothing but failure in the modern era of hockey. Seven years later, The Maple Leafs now have one of the best rosters in franchise history and Shanahan believes they can win the Stanley Cup.
The Maple Leafs franchise is one of the most starved in major sports. Despite having the largest fan base and continued financial success, their track record on the ice is not pretty. Their lineup is now star studded and Shanahan is hoping the growing pains are behind them. 

Shanahan believes the Maple Leafs now have the DNA of a Stanley Cup Team because of the injection of leadership and physicality. 
"I said several years ago that the easier part is coming up with a plan and the hard part is sticking with it, but I think that's what you just have to do. You just have to keep looking for ways to improve, looking for ways to evolve, looking for ways to grow, being attentive to the game and where the game is evolving because what might be working for you in one year might need to be adjusted the next."

"You just keep going back to the well and you keep trying until you're successful. Then of course you hope that leads to a big run. Sticking with it and sticking to it is obviously a mich better solution than folding up and saying 'this is too hard and we're not going to try anymore because this is too hard'."

"I look at several dynasties in sports - and I'm not pointing to us as a dynasty - I'm just saying that if you look at the dynasties in several sports they went through the same growing pains in the early going." 


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