Bold Demands Placed From Russia On Michkov's Potential Move to Flyers

A stunning report emerged over the weekend that top Russian prospect Matvei Michkov was likely to have his KHL contract with SKA terminated, allowing for him to report to the Philadelphia Flyers this summer two years quicker than expected. 

But now we get word from the SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg that could throw a wrench into those potential plans, as he is demanding that Michkov play on the Flyers top line—or else.

According to MatchTV, Rotenberg warned that "If Michkov does not play on Philadelphia's first line, he will return to SKA."

He went on to indicate that the decision to let him out of his contract, which was to run two more seasons until 2026, is far from official.
And it sounds like much of it revolves around money, and how much of a payout SKA would receive.
"There is no official decision yet," said Rotenberg. "And we can’t say that we are letting anyone go. You see, this is a serious question. We can talk about some agreements, including rights. You know that Michkov is a high-level player. And if someone wants to buy these rights, let’s discuss... "You understand that we invested a lot in Matvei. And if he does not become the leader of Philadelphia, then we will definitely wait for him back in the KHL."

The problem for the Flyers, is that the cost of the termination is purely on Michkov and his agent. The Flyers are not allowed to be involved. So it's just a wait-see situation at this point for GM Danny Briere & Co.

Photo: © Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports