Buffalo Sabres want to trade Evander Kane

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The Buffalo Sabres are unhappy with Kane's off-ice incidents, and want to trade him. Kane was acquired by the Sabres 17 months ago, and he has already been involved in a couple ugly incidents.

The latest incident occurred around the time of the NHL Draft in Buffalo. Two crime reports were filed by a couple of women, who claim he physically harassed them at a downtown bar early on Friday morning. The report states that Kane grabbed one of the women by her throat and tried to shove her into his car outside of the bar. Kane has not been charged, but detectives are investigating the matter. Kane's lawyer, Paul J. Cambri, claims Kane is innocent.

We reviewed the videos and talked to everyone on that and he steadfastly denies doing anything wrong and we have seen nothing to the contrary.

Sabres GM Tim Murray said Kane's behavior reflects poorly upon the organization.

Certainly, we don’t like the fact this is twice now he’s been in incidents like this. It’s not good for the organization and it’s not good for him. He’s going to have to pick and choose his spots when he goes out, a lot better than he does and he’s going to have to behave himself.

The 24 year old left winger has two years left on his contract with a $6 million annual cap hit. Murray is going to have a "sit down" with Kane to try and salvage his player.

Whether he has done these things or not, it’s not something that I like getting up in the morning and reading about, that’s for sure. We’re going to let the process happen. We’ll go with whatever the ruling is and we’re obviously going to have a sit down and go from there.

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