Video: Crazy line brawl between London and Ottawa of the OHL

Fighting in hockey has been on a steady decline the past several years, but every so often a line brawl creeps into our timelines to give joy to those who don't mind players dropping their itchy mitts.

Introducing the London Knights and Ottawa 67's of the Ontario Hockey League. The Knights are considered by some to be a punchline of junior hockey. The team who is always ranked near the top of the CHL rankings continue to be accused of paying their players a hefty salary to play in London.

Not sure how much the kids on the Knights are making, but they may want to give #18 on the 67's a look, cause he manhandles two of their players in this heated line brawl.

And who said there's no fighting in hockey...
Not to be outdone, here's some of the best line brawls of all time:

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