Former Red Wing blames Mike Babcock for Detroit losing the Cup in '09

Shots fired from former Red Wing Daren McCarty, as the ex-Wing gritty forward flat out blamed Mike Babcock for the Wings cup loss in 2009, and he went on to mention, they won the Cup in '08 'in spite' of the coach.

Our dressing room worked in different ways and when I came back you could tell that things were different, but the thing that didn't change was that guys played for each other. That's the key. In spite of him, right? And I learned getting into '09 because we won in '08 in spite of him and we lost in '09 because of him. That's exactly the thing because he misused Datsyuk and Zetterberg and just because he's stubborn that was his way. 
Babcock coached the Wings from 2005-2015 before joining the Maple Leafs.

Along with McCarty, recently Nazem Kadri and Chris Chelios have all mentioned, it's not Babcock's preparation that's in question, it's his treatment of players.
It's unbelievable. But then the ego and the disrespect for doesn't matter who you are. It's a personal thing. So it could be the one who changes the garbage and he doesn't change it properly or whatever...So all that stuff that happened with Franzen, it doesn't surprise me because I could see how he was as a person.  
McCarty went on to mention he's in shock all of this is just coming out now as he feels it's been since day one with Mike Babcock.

The Mike Babcock tour continues...who will speak out next?

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