Video: Phillip Danault Delivers Ugly Slew Foot on Brayden Point

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Los Angeles Kings squared off on Tuesday night and the game ended up being way more heated than anyone thought. The bad blood was on full display for a couple of teams who don't often face each other. During the second period Kings center Phillip Danault delivered an ugly slew foot on Lightning forward Brayden Point and let's just say the rest is history.

Point, who isn't shy to stick up for himself chased after Danault and made sure he had one choice and that was to fight or else he was getting punched in the face without his gloves dropped. You can see Corey Perry skating over as well, if Point wasn't going to get the fight, Perry was ready for it.

Danault deserved everything he got here. You can't slew foot people and somebody pass the message on to P.K Subban: