Boeser and Canucks were very close to signing a long term deal

According to Brock Boeser's agent Ben Hankinson, the Vancouver Canucks and Boeser's side were very close to signing a long-term contract, but settled for a 3-year contract.

We talked about 1-2 year deals, 4-year deal as well, they didn't like 5-year deal because it walks him to UFA and we were close on 6-7 year deals, Hankinson told Sportsnet's Rick Dhaliwal. End of the day both sides are happy with 3 years. We talked about a long term deal, and we were heading that way, but the market changed. I got upset at the numbers that were leaked about 7 million at the draft. We were close but just couldn't close, but we are happy with 3 years.
Dhaliwal proceeded by asking Hankinson if Boeser would sign a long-term deal after this contract.
No we are gone in 3 years (Laughs out loud). Brock loves Vancouver, the point is not to escape, a Canadian market is good for him. 
In 140 NHL games, Boeser has topped 116 points, 59 goals and 57 assists. What are your thoughts on Boeser's new contract?

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