Toronto and Edmonton expected to be named Hub cities!

As the NHL works itself through another collective bargaining agreement, this time in the middle of a 'pandemic pause', a spike in Covid cases around Vegas has forced the league to make some changes. It's being reported Toronto and now Edmonton are expected to be named Hub cities for the NHL's comeback, and the announcement could fittingly come on Canada Day.

As TSN's Frank Seravalli pointed out the situation is certainly fluid, however, the league has some deadlines coming up, where them and the players wanted to have certain things in concrete. It will be curious to see how fast this gets confirmed.

For Toronto, they changed their bid a couple of days ago to include more amenities and tighter safety protocols. The bubble will only be a hop, skip, and a jump away from Scotiabank Arena, and the Marlies' barn, Coca-Cola Coliseum, is in the parking lot of the 'Bubble' so it works out well for practices. Imagine the Leafs win the Cup, playing on the road, in Toronto...

Edmonton's bid is built around lifestyle. From private golf courses, to well placed accommodations and very little threat of Covid, the Western Canada city makes a ton of sense to host. And it also sounds like it will be hosting the Western conference teams, after it was originally thought it could be eastern teams to ensure the Oilers wouldn't get any advantage. Making the players on the Oilers or Vegas for that matter, and their families travel when they actually don't 'have' to, smart for the league to change it's mind on this.

Here's hoping the news gets finalized tomorrow. We just want puck. Let's just hope the players do too, we know this guy does. 


PC: Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire