Arizona Coyotes shopping Phil Kessel, 3 potential destinations

The Arizona Coyotes are trying to do whatever they can to recoup some of the draft picks they recently lost due to the draft combine scandal, and according to reports they are willing to trade anyone over the age of 25. This includes, 32-year-old Phil Kessel.

Kessel who has two years left on his deal, paying him $6.8 million, has modified-trade protection where Kessel submits a list of 8 teams he cannot be traded to. Phil the Thrill struggled in Arizona, with one of his worst offensive years of his career. Lingering injuries and a new stick are believed the be the reasoning behind it.

Three teams who could be interested in Kessel's 861 career points and 81 points in 96 playoff games include:

  1. Montreal Canadiens - considering how many draft picks they have next month, trading a 2nd rounder for Kessel may be in the cards
  2. Colorado Avalanche - reuniting Kessel with his ex-teammate Nazem Kadri would make the Avs second line scary. Colorado has the cap space and are going all-in next year.
  3. Florida Panthers - the 'Cats are going to be desperate for scoring and Florida seems like a spot Kessel wouldn't mind playing as he can golf on his off days much like in Zona.
The Arizona Coyotes are going to look much different next year. Their team will be a collection of young players and they are trying to do whatever they can to move out some money for draft picks. This includes Phil Kessel and his natural scoring abilities. 

Goal scoring is the hardest thing to do in hockey, and Kessel can make it look easy. Now is the time to buy cheap. 


Photo credit: Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire

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