Braden Holtby Held Up at the Canadian Border with Turtle Issues

All Braden Holtby and his wife Brandi wanted to do was start their life in Vancouver and wouldn't you know, their transition started at a Turtle's pace....literally.

Braden was recently heading north to Canada and was held up at the border and Brandi ended up reaching out to the masses of Twitter to try and get someone to pull some strings as they were stuck at Customs trying to bring their Turtles north. Don't believe us...?

Turns out the paperwork had been filed with the Canadian government but not with the American side of things.  

Brandi kept everyone updated and it appears everything will be sorted out and Holtby and his family can be reunited and able to focus on next season, his first as a Vancouver Canuck after 10 seasons in Washington.

 πŸ’🐒 UPDATE: Thank you to all of the kind souls out there who have made an effort to help! FWS is aware of our situation and they are working towards a solution to get Braden and the boys home!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Photo credit: Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire

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