Who Gets Traded First: Duncan Keith or Brent Seabrook

Welcome to another edition of 'Who Gets Traded First' where we examine two similar players from across the NHL and decide which one is more likely to change teams first. While it's not always players from the same team, division or conference, we dig deep into two players who have similarities, be it age, production, career path or their situation on their current team. 

Who Gets Traded First: 

Duncan Keith or Brent Seabrook from the Chicago Blackhawks


Both Keith and Seabrook hold no-movement clauses, so each trade will come down to their sign of approval. Seabrook, 35, is two years younger than Keith but is much more expensive. 

Duncan Keith: $5,538,462 per season for the next three
Brent Seabrook: $6,875,000 per season for the next four

While some have questioned their production of late, the numbers are still there for both Keith and Seabrook when the defensemen are healthy. Last season Keith managed 27 points in 61 regular season games, and also chipped in with five points in nine playoff games. His last five seasons he's averaged 43 points per game and has only missed 19 games over that five year span.  

For Seabrook, he hasn't topped 40 points in four years and managed only 4 points last year in 32 games. He was playing hurt last season and ended up having three surgeries including both hips and his right shoulder, and he recently chatted with The Athletic to discuss how he's feeling heading into next season:
I feel like I'm 19 years old again trying to make the team. I'm skating and doing treatment and doing all these extra things here and there. Just trying to get prepared and ready, get the flexibility back - which was a battle for a while - and get the skating back, which has been great. The last two-to-three weeks I've felt really good on the ice. … It's been incredible.


The Chicago Blackhawks shocked their team so bad with letting goaltender Corey Crawford walk and trading Brandon Saad, they had to release a letter to the fans to let them know what they were thinking. If the team struggles next season, like they appear to be set up to do, trade buzz surrounding the 'core four' of Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Keith and Seabrook will pick up substantially. 

Considering their contracts, recent injuries, and production, Duncan Keith appears to be more valuable on the trade market, even though he's left-handed because he can play both sides. Sure, Keith may be the first to go, doesn't mean Seabrook won't be long after. 

Trade winds are blowing fierce in the Windy City and the faces of the Chicago Blackhawks' franchise will be changing before you can say Malcolm Subban and Collin Delia. 

Photo credit:  Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire