Maple Leafs Head Coach Puts an End to Ridiculous Rumor

Recently reports were surfacing out of media outlets in Toronto stating the Maple Leafs might be considering a drastic change to their in-game lineups for next season. The suggestion was the team would be playing 3 defenseman and 2 forwards at times next season during own zone faceoffs. 

Head coach, Sheldon Keefe met with the media on Friday and the question was asked if we could see the 3-D approach for the club next season. As expected, Keefe shut the rumors down immediately.

What's next....two goalies?

What's weird is Keefe's quote states 'this season's team' as if he's considered it for other teams he's coached. 

There's always something to point and laugh at in Toronto and if the Leafs came out and played with this set up, the NHL would have had a field day.


Photo credit: Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire

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