Joe Thornton is Turning Heads in Switzerland

Joe Thornton did the unthinkable this offseason, leaving his long-time tenure with the San Jose Sharks and headed north to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Thornton believes the Leafs have what it takes to win a Stanley Cup next season and wants to be a part of his parent's favorite franchise.

First things first, Thornton took his talents back overseas to Switzerland and has been playing for HC Davos where he's managed a point a game. His game's still as strong as ever because of his hockey IQ, and HC Davos' general manager, Raeto Raffainer recently met with Luke Fox of Sportsnet, and had this to say about the veteran's game:

When the coaching staff gives him a role, he'll be there. The question is: Do you want to play him through all the games? He needs to find a way to help the organization jump this first playoff round. They will be smart with him. They know exactly what they bought with him. The fire in his eyes and his whole body to win something is going to be huge. And he will help this organization to win, that's for sure.

I've known him as a player for almost 20 years, so he's still the best in the league anticipating the game, seeing plays, and seeing people nobody else sees. (He's) so strong on the puck. Obviously, he's not the fastest anymore, but he's the smartest player that we have. And he's still so good at passing and on the (power play).

That's one part of why I'm happy he's with us, but the other part is just his human skills. His energy. His happiness. And the way he's working out, coming in even when we give our group a day off. He's there. He's working out all the time and skating all the time, even when the other guys are home.

Look for Thornton to get a ton of power-play minutes for the Leafs and a regular shift on the team's third line. He'll look to bounce back after a 31 point season in 2019-20. 


Photo credit: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire