Leafs Nation Freaking Out At Refs for Blown Call on Jake Muzzin

The Toronto Maple Leafs were beat 3-1 on Wednesday to the Edmonton Oilers as the much anticipated showdown of superstars turned into a defensive and goaltending battle. The game was intense and as fast as ever and wouldn't you know, Leafs Nation is still screaming at the refs for blowing a call.

The play happened in the third period where Muzzin was battling along the half wall, and quite frankly, this should not be called and Leafs Nation has every right to be pissed. Get a load of this one:

For Muzzin it was a tough night as the first goal of the evening went in off his skate after Jimmy Vesey tried to clear the puck from out in front of the net. 

Muzzin isn't off to a hot start so far for the Leafs, but sometimes you can't blame the guy for being bigger and stronger than the other team and it also doesn't help when the refs are calling phantom calls. 

Here's what some of Leafs Nation had to say about the call:

Photo credit:Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire