Toronto Maple Leafs: Goalie Becoming Probable Trade Candidate

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a significant decision to make in their goaltending situation due to Matt Murray's frequent injuries and inconsistent performance since becoming a Leaf.

While the Leafs acquired Murray last summer to address their need for a reliable starting goalie, his frequent absences from the lineup due to injuries have raised doubts about his future with the team.

Additionally, the emergence of Joseph Woll, a highly-touted young goalie in the Leafs' system, has given the team another option to consider.

Murray's struggles this season have been well-documented, with his overall play declining since March and frequent stints on the injured reserve. His inability to stay healthy and consistently perform at a high level has raised concerns about his long-term viability as a starting goalie for the Leafs.

Meanwhile, Woll has been developing in the Leafs' system and is widely regarded as one of the top goalie prospects in the NHL. The 23-year-old has shown flashes of brilliance in his limited NHL appearances and has been putting up strong numbers in the AHL.

With Murray's frequent injuries and inconsistent performance, coupled with Woll's emergence as a promising young goalie, a trade this off-season could be a real possibility for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Trading Murray would free up cap space for the Leafs, which would allow them to focus on signing other key players to contract extensions.

It is worth noting that trading Murray may not be a straightforward task for the Leafs, as they will need to find a team willing to take on his contract and injury history. The Leafs may need to include additional assets in the deal to sweeten the pot.

Ultimately, the decision to trade Murray would come down to the Leafs' management and their assessment of both Murray and Woll's long-term potential. Photo Credit:  Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports