Philadelphia Flyers GM Speaks On Potential Lengthy Rebuild

The Philadelphia Flyers have been going through a rebuilding phase after missing the playoffs for three consecutive seasons.

The team has been struggling in the NHL, but the new leadership, including coach John Tortorella and interim general manager Danny Briere, are confident in their cohesive plan for the future.

Briere has acknowledged the need for patience from fans, saying the rebuild could take anywhere from "two, five, or eight years."

Meanwhile, Tortorella emphasized the importance of honesty and growth in coaching.

The team has several veterans signed to hefty contracts for multiple seasons, and Briere has highlighted their value to boost their trade potential. However, the Flyers are still shaping their roster and several young players are expected to compete for NHL spots next season.

The Flyers are currently $9 million under the salary cap for next season, giving them some flexibility to make moves. One strategy they may employ is addition by subtraction, evaluating which players can help them move forward and which ones they may need to part ways with.

One player who has shown significant development and improvement throughout the season is Owen Tippett, who emerged as a standout player, using his instincts, size, and impressive shot to score 27 goals in 77 games. However, the fate of promising young goaltender Carter Hart is up for debate, with the Flyers facing a choice between paying him next summer or potentially trading him to jumpstart their rebuild.

In addition to these personnel decisions, the Flyers are also seeking a new President of Hockey Operations who can provide the right complement to Briere. The ideal candidate will have experience and connections in the NHL and a long-term vision for the organization.

Ultimately, the Flyers are hoping for better luck moving forward. They have faced challenges outside of their control, and have also struggled with injuries.

However, the team is optimistic that a new era of Flyers hockey can begin with smart personnel decisions and a bit of good fortune, such as a lucky draft pick in May.