Rangers Have Tough Decisions To Make With Jacob Trouba & Ryan Lindgren

The New York Rangers stand at a pivotal crossroads in their roster strategy, particularly concerning defensemen Ryan Lindgren and Jacob Trouba.

With Lindgren's contract entering its final year, the team is contemplating a nuanced approach.

They're mulling over the possibility of securing Lindgren's services for the long term by offering a potentially extended contract, following the model of the Tampa Bay Lightning's cap flexibility strategy.

Such a deal, spanning around seven years, could feature a lower annual cap hit, likely ranging from the high $3 million to low $4 million range.

While this approach could grant immediate cap relief and ensure Lindgren's role in the team's future, it's accompanied by an awareness that the contract's viability might pose challenges in its later years.

Last season, the 25-year-old Lindgren put up a career-best season, recording a goal and 18 points with a fantastic +29 plus/minus rating across 63 games.

Concurrently, Jacob Trouba's contractual situation presents its own complexities.

The Rangers are considering the option of a buyout after the upcoming season, which would provide immediate cap savings of $4 million over two years, albeit followed by a subsequent dead cap hit of $2 million for an additional two years.

Last season, the 29-year-old Trouba scored eight goals and 30 points with a +7 plus/minus rating across 82 games played.

He's entering his 11th season.

A pivotal shift occurs with Trouba's no-movement clause transitioning to a 15-team no-trade clause after the upcoming season, potentially altering his trade prospects and offering the team more flexibility in dealing with his contract.

The Rangers' choices will be influenced by player performance, team strategy, and financial considerations, all contributing to the complex puzzle of roster management.

Striking the right balance between immediate needs and long-term stability is paramount as the Rangers navigate these pivotal choices, shaping their team's trajectory both on and off the ice. Photo Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports