T.J. Oshie Contemplating Playing Future After Another Injury-Riddled Season

Washington Capitals' T.J. Oshie isn't certain about his playing future with one year left on his contract and at the age of 37. As he's gotten older and injuries have played a factor more, the veteran has missed 90 games over the past three seasons and only got into 52 this season, also playing with a broken hand in the playoffs.

Oshie said that, "in my mind it would be hard for me to ever for sure to say that I'm stepping away from the game." He has played in the NHL for 16 seasons starting at age 22 and has split his time between two teams, the St. Louis Blues and Capitals.
His back has been the biggest issue that's held him out of action in recent years and Oshie also said, "I’d love to play next year but I will need to come back with somewhat of a guarantee that my back won’t be...it’s hard putting everyone through this situation."

He noted that his injuries that take him out of the lineup at times messed with his team as well since young players are called up and sent down more than they need to be. Oshie wants guarantees before stepping on the ice again. If he were to retire or go on LTIR for the final year of his deal, the Capitals would gain $5.75 million in cap relief to potentially make one more run at the playoffs.

Photo credit: © Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports