Tortorella Called Out For Placing Blame Elsewhere

The Philadelphia Flyers have held a playoff spot all season, but have struggled lately, winning twice in the past 10 games and losing five in a row. Once again, John Tortorella is placing the blame somewhere else and Bryan Hayes had something to say about it on Sportscenter, calling out the Flyers' head coach.

He said, "It's never John Tortorella's fault, it's always someone else's fault. It was Sean Couturier, the captain's fault at one point. It's been the goaltenders' fault multiple's the players' issues, it's the softness, it's the second period, it's the's never [John Tortorella's] issue, it's somebody else's."

While credit can be given to Tortorella for having the team that was initially projected to finish in the bottom-5, in the playoff race, it isn't a secret why players grow tired of his coaching style and the way he is. There's no doubt that he cares, but scratching the captain, who is one of the team's best players, instead of finding different ways of encouraging him, seems like the easy way out when he doesn't want to answer questions about it.

Whenever the Flyers have gone through a rough spot this season, Tortorella has placed blame elsewhere, that much isn't a lie. It's only a matter of time before he moves on because all of the players grow tired of his antics like they have in the past on his former teams. The success the team has had should be seen as a great step, not have blame thrown at them for not doing enough when they have done more than expected already.

Photo credit: © David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports