Welcome to the Affiliate Program! The program allows you to earn commissions by promoting our fantasy guide.

Our Affiliate Program pays:

15% on every sale
The Ultimate Fantasy Guide 2016-17 sells for $9.99. For every sale you refer to us, we pay you 15%.

How do I become an affiliate?
Start earning extra cash now. Email

Who pays me?
We pay your commissions via PayPal.

When do I get paid?
We pay your commissions due between the 15th - 30th of the following month. We may pay sooner, but you can expect your commissions to come every 30 days.

How do I promote?
We provide you with PayPal buttons, banner ads and links to sell our product easily.

Disclosure and Compliance
We reserve the right to reject any Affiliate application or immediately terminate any Affiliate who has ever been investigated by any law enforcement or government agency for marketing or advertising practices in online or offline business ventures. You must make immediate full disclosure to us of any such investigations, including the results of such investigations so that we can make an informed decision as to whether you are eligible to be an Affiliate.

Pursuant to Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, you must disclose your Affiliate status in all promotional content so that readers, listeners, and/or viewers of such content are fully informed of the material connection between you and us. Specifically, the recipients of such marketing materials must be told that you may be compensated by us if a purchase is made via your Affiliate hyperlink.

You are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to, those laws pertaining to export control. By registering as an Affiliate, you warrant that you have the legal right to do so.

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