Steve Stamkos vs Vinny Lecavalier Trade Rumors

Trade rumors continue to surround the Tampa Bay Lightning and their forwards.

Steven Stamkos, 20, has blossomed into one of hockey's elite players. In the 2010 season he tied Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby with a league-best 51 goals. He had a team-high 95 points, a league-best 24 power-play goals and a team-record 18-game points streak.

Now consider that Stamkos is coming off a rookie deal that paid him $875,000 for three years. I am sure he is looking forward to his raise come free agency July 1. Also consider that Vincent Lecavalier is making a whopping $10 million per season. Who would you trade?

GM Yzerman has alot of work to do. His predecessor left the Lightning franchise in shambles and with little cap room to maneuver. Good luck in signing Stamkos, the Tampa Bay Lightning's future depends on it! It will be especially difficult because the only big contract to move is Vincent Lecavalier's, and he is virtually immovable because no team can afford to take on the cap hit of $10 million per season for a few more seasons.

Stamkos > Lecavalier

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