Hartford Whalers Hockey Rumours

Hey, it's Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe! What's he doing here? Could be all the rumors about his old team, the Hartford Whalers.

Howard Baldwin, one of the founders of the Hartford Whalers is trying to get fans behind his efforts to bring an NHL team back to Hartford. Baldwin, who is a film producer, plans to build an arena complex and is trying to gain support.

The Commissioner of the NHL, Garry Bettman has made it clear he does not want teams leaving cities. When the Phoenix Coyotes declared bankruptcy, it was the League that purchased them even though there were other bidders who wanted to purchase the team and move it to another city. Bettman appeared adamant about not allowing an NHL team to move cities.

Unfortunately for Hartford fans, there is a list of many cities wanting an NHL team - Hartford is not at the top of the list. Howard Baldwin may try to drum up support but the NHL will block his attempts at getting a team. So the Hartford Whalers will continue to live on in the form of the Carolina Hurricanes.

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