Jason Spezza Trade Rumors

Trade rumors continue to surround Jason Spezza and the Ottawa Senators.

Ottawa fans are growing increasingly disgruntled with Spezza who they expected to achieve superstar status by now. The center was picked 2nd overall in 2001, and despite having a few 30 goal seasons and a couple of 90 point seasons, he has not lived up to the fans' expectations. Ottawa fans continued to boo him during a first-round series loss against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The feeling might be mutual, Spezza may be upset with the city of Ottawa.
“I got an impression that he was quite unhappy at the end,” Senators general manager Bryan Murray told Sportsnet in regards to his season-ending meeting with Spezza. “I think the coverage he felt he got and the fan reaction a couple of times left him kind of wanting a little bit. But I don’t think it’s anything beyond that. My next conversation with him will be away from the emotion of playoff time to see what we can do and what we have to do.”
If Spezza is unhappy and wants to be traded, then Murray will try to get what he can in return. Otherwise, I do not think Murray wants to trade Spezza. Despite his underachievement he is still valuable to the team. And would be hard to replace. Trade rumors will continue to follow him in the meantime.

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