Taylor Hall vs Tyler Seguin NHL Entry Draft 2010

The Edmonton Oilers have the number one draft pick, and the rumors continue to heat up about who they will draft - Hall or Seguin.

In the final Central Scouting draft ranking, Taylor Hall was rated the second-best player behind Plymouth Whalers center Tyler Seguin. If the bureau rated players now, after the playoffs, it’s reasonable to assume Hall would jump past Seguin, whose team was knocked out early in the Ontario Hockey League playoffs.

“Bottom line: Hall is a big-game player. When he’s playing on the big stage, he dominates. No amount of scouting is going to say otherwise. I could care less about Seguin’s regular-season stats. Compared to Hall’s dominance in international tournaments and playoffs, it’s not that close. Anyone with a brain should admit that. The guy with back-to-back Memorial Cup MVPs is the No. 1 prospect.”

That guy is Taylor Hall. It will be hard for GM of the Oilers not to take him because he has clearly been the better player. Seguin has his great qualities, making the decision very difficult. Seguin seems excited about going to Edmonton and he appears to be a great leader. Also, he is a center, which the Oilers desperately need.

For Oiler fans who have missed the playoffs in the last four years and watched their team drop to last place, both draft picks are welcome. I'm leaning towards Hall.

Hall > Seguin