Anton Volchenkov Trade Rumors

Trade rumors continue to surround Anton Volchenkov and the Ottawa Senators.

The A-Train appears to be getting ready for departure. Five weeks before the opening of the NHL’s unrestricted free agent market, sources have confirmed that Senators defenceman Volchenkov has put his Ottawa house up for sale. Where is he going to be trade to?

All signs point to Washington as his next destination in the NHL for three reasons. The Capitals are prepared to offer Volchenkov a salary in the $5 million range, which would be a $1.8 million raise. Another part of the appeal for Volchenkov is the fact that Washington is expected to be a Stanley Cup contender. Lastly, he would be joining his Russian Comrades - Alexander Semin, Semyon Varlamov and Alexander Ovechkin. Go Team Russia, err.. Washington Capitals.