Alexander Edler vs Christian Ehrhoff Trade Rumors


Trade rumors continue to surround the Vancouver Canucks and their players, Alexander Edler and Christian Ehrhoff. Edler's salary for the 2011 NHL season was $3,250,000.  Ehrhoff salary was $3,400,000.  With the Canucks winning the President's Trophy, Mike Gillis is looking to trade either Edler or Ehrhoff, while they have high trade values. 

Edler broke out as a dominant defenseman this season while putting up 33 points in 51 games.  Ehrhoff also had a stellar season with 50 points in 79 games.  Many teams around the league are looking to upgrade their defense and these two players are highly desirable.

Edler is signed until the 2012-2013 at the same discount price of $3,250,000, so it is likely the Canucks will hold on to him as their number one defenseman.  Ehrhoff, on the other hand, is a free agent after the 2011 season is over.  He will likely want a raise and many teams are willing to pay him the money he wants.  The Canucks do not have enough cap space to resign him.  Look for Ehrhoff to be moved in the summertime. The Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, and Florida Panthers are looking to acquire him.

Edler > Ehrhoff

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