NHL Trade Rumors: Martin Brodeur Abandons Devils

Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils has hired an agent to represent him for 2012 NHL Free Agency. Brodeur is a hall of fame goaltender who has played over two decades for a single NHL team. He is coming of a $5.2 million cap hit contract and is looking to make at least over $5 million for next season.

GM Lou Lamoriello of the Devils has low-balled his goalie, offering less than $5 million. Marty has expensive alimony payments to make to his ex-wife and does not want to sign for a home town discount. Consequently, he has hired an agent for the first time to test free agency.

There are other reasons why Brodeur wants out of New Jersey. Zach Parise, another top free agent of the Devils is yet to be signed. And the Devils' financial condition is perilous with a looming loan payment of $77 million on Aug 14 to repay. With all the uncertainty about the Devils' future in the air, Marty may see that it is time to move on and play for another franchise. 

If the Devils lose their star forward and goaltender at free agency, then they are likely to get a lottery draft pick in 2013. Unfortunately for the Devils, they chose not to forfeit their first round pick which was 29th overall in the 2012 draft. They are mandated by the league to forfeit their 2013 first round draft pick, due to the penalty they incurred for going over the salary cap. 

If Parise leaves, it is almost certain that Brodeur also leaves the New Jersey Devils. Look for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks to sign Martin Brodeur for the 2012-13 NHL season.

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