Martin St. Louis Asks for a Trade

When Martin St. Louis was omitted from team Canada for Sochi 2014 Olympics, it was a huge shock to hockey fans everywhere. Since Vancouver 2010 Olympics, St. Louis has scored more points than any other player in the NHL. Why was a top 10 forward in the NHL omitted from team Canada?

Executive Director of Team Canada, Steve Yzerman, snubbed Marty twice by not selecting the superstar winger for Vancouver and Sochi. What makes it more appalling is that Yzerman is also the GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning and relies heavily on Marty's consistent point production.

St. Louis who is 38 years old had one last chance at an Olympic gold medal, and did not take the second snub by Yzerman lightly. He asked his General Manager for a trade. Marty was later added to team Canada as a replacement for the injured Steven Stamkos, but the damage was done.

Yzerman is stepping down from his position as Executive Director of Team Canada. Look for Martin St. Louis to be traded to the New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues or San Jose Sharks.

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