Taylor Hall Available for Trade


Darren Dreger believes the best young left winger in the game, Taylor Hall, is available for trade:

It’s not one player. It’s the collection of players that make up a sagging work ethic and a lack of culture, but if you wanted to put a face on it or name to it, that’d be Taylor Hall. Taylor Hall, at least again from a culture standpoint, more in the room, not necessarily on the ice, hasn’t been what they hoped he would be.

When MacTavish looks into his crystal ball and tries to see what might come his way via trade, he’s got to be looking to the trade deadline and then beyond that obviously looking at the draft floor. Because if you’re moving a piece like Taylor Hall, and I believe Taylor Hall will be in play, then the rate of return is always best when teams have flexibility in the summer.

Hall was the first overall draft pick in 2010. He scored a career high 80 points in 2013-14 and currently has 18 points in 25 games. His contract is a bargain at $6 million annual cap hit through the 2019-20 season.

Dreger claims that moving Hall would cause a culture change. Is Hall really to blame for the losing culture in Edmonton? Unless the Oilers can trade Hall for Shea Weber or Duncan Keith, the team should hold onto Hall. Afterall, the Oilers biggest problems are management, scouting, player development and coaching.

There will be 29 teams interested in acquiring Taylor Hall as the 2015 NHL trade deadline approaches. What would your team have to trade for Hall?

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