Warrant Issued for Arrest of Andre Deveaux after Brutal Slash

andre deveaux brutal slash sweden

Former NHLer Andre Deveaux had his contract terminated on Monday by Swedish team Rogle after video surfaced over the weekend showing him brutally slashing an opponent prior to a playoff game. Both players played that night as well as the final playoff game in the series on Sunday.

A warrant has now been issued for Deveaux's arrest after Swedish authorities viewed the footage. Prosecutor Margareta Danielsson-Olvon said, "He is wanted on suspicion of assault. An investigation is ongoing. We don’t know where he is and have put out a warrant for his arrest."

Deveaux did not show any remorse for his actions. In an interview after the game he said, "[Helmersson] was fine. I'll think about him while I celebrate with the team." After having his contract terminated on Monday, Deveaux released an apology, "I am not a violent person."

Did Deveaux cross the line or is this story being blown up by the media?

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