Alex Ovechkin Guarantees Game 7 Win vs NY Rangers

alex ovechkin nhl stanley cup playoffs 2015

The Washington Capitals took a 3 - 1 series lead and were poised to knock out the NY Rangers from the 2015 NHL Playoffs. Then, the momentum shifted when the Capitals lost their last 2 games to the NY Rangers. There is going to be a game 7 on Wednesday, which is an elimination game for both teams. Alex Ovechkin is not worried. He said:

We’re going to come back and win the series. We’re going to play our game, and we’re going to come back and we’re going to play Montreal or Tampa. You can see, they don’t want to play that game. We knew that. Obviously as soon as we put the puck deep, hit their D, they afraid, because we big, we strong and you can see how we score goals.

If Ovechkin can score more goals like this beauty, then his guarantee might come to fruition.

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