Buffalo Sabres Furious Over Last Days of Mike Babcock Hiring Process

mike babcock buffalo sabres toronto mapleleafs

The Buffalo Sabres thought they had a contract negotiated with Babcock two days ago that would pay him $50 million at a term of 8-9 years. The Sabres were furious when they found out that the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Babcock to a $50 million, 8 year contract.

On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Babcock and general manager Tim Murray were in contract negotiations. The Sabres were confident they had a deal in place and they setup a press conference for today. At the conference, Buffalo reporters were shocked in the way Babcock handled the situation.

The Sabres tanked the 2015 NHL season in hopes of drafting Connor McDavid 1st overall, and ended up falling to second pick through the draft lottery. Losing out on Babock was another disappointing outcome for the Buffalo Sabres and their fans.

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