NHL Ending Draft Pick Compensation for Fired General Managers, Coaches

nhl ends draft pick compensation

The Boston Bruins are seeking a second round draft pick from the Edmonton Oilers for the hire of general manager Peter Chiarelli. As well, the San Jose Sharks are seeking a third round draft pick from the Oilers for the hire of head coach Todd McLellan.

Why do the Edmonton Oilers owe these draft picks when Chiarelli and McLellan were fired by their former teams? According to Elliotte Friedman, the end is near for this silly rule:

They are going to get together at the Board of Governors meeting, which is going to be in Vegas during the (NHL) awards, and it's expected this will be straightened out.

They'll say, 'Look, if somebody's been fired, you don't get compensation for them.' It's only if you get somebody still working for a team. That's they way it's going to work out in the future.

The Board of Governors meeting is expected to take place before the draft, ending the ability to get draft picks for nothing.

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