Russia Disrespects Canada at 2015 World Championship

russia disrespects canada world championships 2015

After Canada's first gold medal win since 2007 at the World Championships, many Russian players disrespected Canada by heading quickly to the dressing room. It's customary for the losing team to remain on the ice for the playing of the winning team's national anthem as a gesture of good sportsmanship. The IIHF president is going to punish Russia:

Once we arrive back home after the world championships we will look into this questions and we will get in touch with those in charge at the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. The IIHF has its own protocol and some sort of punishment will be handed down.
On the ice during the game, anything can happen - collisions, fights. However, after its conclusion, respect to the opposition is always necessary.

Just a handful of Russian players remained on the ice during the Canadian anthem to show their respect, including Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin.

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