2015 NHL Mock Draft (1-7)

connor mcdavid jack eichel nhl mock draft

The 2015 draft class is stacked with a ton of talent with players like Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel, who are bound to be future superstars. The Edmonton Oilers own the top pick, and undoubtedly will take who is expected to go first overall, but where will everybody else go?

1) Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers) C

With 120 points in just 47 games this past season with the Erie Otters, does this really need any further explanation?

2) Jack Eichel (Buffalo Sabres) C

Like Connor Mcdavid, Eichel has been projected to go either first or second overall. Compared to McDavid's stats, he does not look as impressive, but Eichel still had 71 points in 40 games.

3) Dylan Strome (Arizona Coyotes) C

There is talk of how Arizona is going to trade their valuable pick before the draft. If they do in fact keep it, I believe they're going to take Strome. He had 129 points this season in 67 games, which is incredible. There's a mix of people saying that either Strome will go, or Noah Hanifin. It could go either way, and I don't think the Coyotes know who they're going to take right now. I decided to go with Strome mainly because of his extraordinary numbers this past season with the Erie Otters.

4) Noah Hanifin (Toronto Maple Leafs) D

The Maple Leafs are in trade talks. Star players like Phil Kessel and Dion Phanuf are involved, and if they do in fact get traded before the draft, it will confirm that Toronto is in the middle of a major re-build. I'm sure they don't really care if they get Hanifin or Strome, because they're both terrific hockey players who fit in with the Leafs. With 23 points in 37 games this season with Boston College, Hanifin is being compared to elites like Drew Doughty and Erik Karlsson, who are known for their great two-way play. You can count on Strome going 3rd overall and Hanifin 4th, or vise versa.

5) Mitch Marner (Carolina Hurricanes) C

Mitch Marner is another player in this year's draft class, who had a tremendous season. With the London Knights, he had 126 points in 63 games, and played well defensively. He works hard every shift, and would be a perfect fit for a team in the re-build stage like Carolina. The Maple Leafs are in trade talks with Carolina about Kessel and Phaneuf, and could possibly get this years 5th overall pick in return.

6) Lawson Crouse (New Jersey Devils) LW

With 51 points in 56 games this past season with Kingston in the OHL, Crouse's numbers aren't as impressive as others in this year's draft class like Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel. He does have a big body at 6"4, and 219 pounds. He's very powerful on the forecheck, and can win most battles along the boards. He has a great set of hands. Don't be surprised if Crouse jumps this list and goes higher in the draft, and you can expect to see him go in the top 6.

7) Ivan Provorov (Philadelphia Flyers) D

Like Noah Hanifin, Provorov is an excellent two-way defenseman, who has the potential to be like Drew Doughty or Erik Karlsson, when he gets settled into the NHL. He has excellent speed, and an accurate shot, which will be of use for his team's power play. Provorov is also an extremely fast skater, which is going to be useful in the NHL.

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