Alex Galchenyuk's Agents Speak Out About Being Fired

alex galchenyuk montreal canadiens rumors

Alex Galchenyuk of the Montreal Canadiens has fired his agents, Ian Pulver and Igor Larionov. Larionov said during a press conference with The Gazette:

Ian and I tried to help him become a better hockey player, but more importantly a better human being. I was talking with him everyday. I believe I was talking to him more than I was with my wife. 
I tried to make him understand that he needs to be patient. I had to wait when I was his age. All good players will get their turn one day or another. The most important part is that he understands that waiting is part of the game.

Alex Galchenyuk is a RFA, who needs a new contract. Do you think he made the right decision by firing his agents?

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