Glendale City Council Cancels Lease with Arizona Coyotes

glendale city council cancels lease

The Glendale City Council held a vote Wednesday night and came to a 5-2 decision to cancel their 15 year, $225 million lease with IceArizona. They also co-own the Arizona Coyotes, who play in the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

The city council’s vote was based on an Arizona statute, which allows an agency to cancel a contract, when an employee who was highly involved with the agreement, becomes an agent or employee of the contract’s other party. However, Coyotes co-owner, president and CEO Anthony LeBlanc said he will explore any legal options to fight this decision and overturn it:

We are disappointed with the city’s decision to violate its obligations under the agreement that was entered into and duly approved only two years ago. We will exhaust any and all legal remedies against the city of Glendale for this blatant violation of its contractual obligations to us.

What will become of the Coyotes franchise? For now there will be a legal battle. The future is uncertain. Relocation is definitely a possibility.

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