NHL Open for Expansion in 2017-18

nhl open expansion 2017 2018

After fifteen years with thirty teams in the league, the NHL is officially exploring expansion. The NHL hasn't decided how many clubs it will add, and doesn't plan to expand until the 2017-18 season. The expansion fee is at least US$500 million to be distributed among the existing teams.

Las Vegas, Quebec City, Seattle and a second team in Toronto are the top cities for expansion. Las Vegas is the front runner with a new arena and 13,200 season ticket deposits already achieved. Quebec City is a strong candidate with a new arena and passionate hockey fans. The company, Quebecor, says it will apply for expansion to bring the Nordiques back to Quebec City. Seattle does not have a new arena in place but they will show interest in an expansion team. Then there is the possibility of putting another team in the Toronto area, which has an abundance of hockey crazed fans.

Where do you think the NHL should expand?

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