Predators Mike Ribeiro Settles Disturbing Sexual Assault Case

mike ribeiro settles sexual assault former nanny

Nashville Predators Mike Ribeiro has reached a settlement in his sexual assault case with a former nanny. The nanny claimed the assault occurred on August of 2012, when she turned 18 years old and when Ribeiro was a member of the Washington Capitals. A warning that the description of the events below, obtained from court documents, is extremely graphic:

A few days before [the nanny] was scheduled to leave, Mike and Tamara went out with some of Mike’s teammates. When they came home, Mike went down to the basement where [she] was sleeping with the kids. … [The nanny] woke up with Mike’s hands all over her. She did not move. She tried to say something but nothing would come out. Mike saw [she] was awake, but he did not stop. [She] mustered her voice and told him he needed to leave.

She did not scream because she did not want to wake the children who were in the bed right next to her. Mike was fully clothed and wearing a suit. His hand was on her breasts and he was pleasuring himself at the same time. […]

Mike came back sometime later— this time just in his underwear. [The nanny] woke up with Mike forcing his hand down her panties. She grabbed at the blanket and started saying: “What are you doing?!?” He took his other hand that had been down his underwear and put it over her mouth and held down, intentionally and willfully restraining her against her will and without her consent. [The nanny] could not excercise [sic] her will to leave due to the force and threat of force from Mike.

Having restrained [the nanny] against her will, Mike then sexually assaulted [her] by shoving his fingers inside her vagina. [She] said he needed to leave and not come back.

According to the Nashville Post after an eight hour mediation, the two sides settled the suit out of court. We may never know the true story behind these events.

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