Sabres Owner Says the Past Two Seasons Were the Most Successful Ever


The Buffalo Sabres were the worst team in hockey over the past two seasons, winning only 44 games over that stretch.

In comparison, there were 12 teams in the NHL that won more than 44 games in 2014-15 alone.

After their consecutive last place finishes, Sabres owner Terry Pegula said the past two seasons were "two of the most successful seasons we've ever had." Pegula went on to say that the impact of this "success" will be felt in the future.

The two seasons of last place finishes resulted in a pair of top-two picks in the NHL draft that were used to select Sam Reinhart in 2014 and Jack Eichel this past June.

Did Pegula mean to say "two of the most successful seasons [at tanking] we've ever had"?

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