"The shootout isn't going anywhere," says NHL commissioner

The shootout is here to stay.

While the NHL will adopt a five-minute, three-on-three overtime format beginning next season, the breakaway competition will remain the ultimate means by which games are decided one way or another, says commissioner Bettman.

"I think to the extent some people wanted to see fewer shootouts, (the new OT format) will get us there, and that’s fine," he told Amalie Benjamin of theBoston Globe.

"The shootout isn’t going anywhere. You go to a building during a shootout, everybody’s on their feet, nobody is leaving, which is what it was designed to do. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s entertaining, and so if we’re going to try and reduce the number of shootouts, this may do it."

Bettman added there's no appetite to bring back ties, nor can the league allow sudden death overtime during the regular season.

The shootout, therefore, remains the most viable option in terms of ensuring a winner game in and game out.

Here's hoping the majority of games that need extra time are decided within those first five minutes.

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