2015-2016 Fantasy Hockey Guide

fantasy hockey guide 2015 2016

See the below final standings from last season for a 10 member points-only league on Yahoo Fantasy Hockey. My team is Lugz Slapshotz and I won first place with a 22 point cushion. We played with a $25 Buy-In, and I was happy to collect my winnings.

fantasy hockey guide 2015 2016

On draft day, your opponents will rely on magazines that were published months ago and hence out of date. Or they will rely on Yahoo and NHL.com projections. To win your fantasy league, you have to go above and beyond standard projections that are widely available for free on these sites.

This Guide will improve your standings in your hockey draft or pool. The projections and strategies found within are helpful for all league formats - keeper, points, salary cap, and rotisserie leagues. The Guide is helpful for people of all skill levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

My expert hockey advice and guidance walks you through the fantasy draft process – from league creation to drafting to strategies. I give you all the information you need in this Guide and keep it updated, allowing you to properly evaluate players.

This Guide gives you the edge on draft day each year, aiding you in collecting your winnings.

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