Canadiens' Zack Kassian injured in car accident

Newly acquired enforcer, Zack Kassian, was implicated in a car accident after the person driving his Ford lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a tree. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries by ambulance and the Montreal Canadiens' doctors are now supervising him with his injuries.

According to a witness, the Montreal Canadiens enforcer was cut and visibly confused after the accident occurred just before the 4635 Clanranald, in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighborhood.

There was blood above his eye, his nose and in the back of one of his shoulders, told the witness, who added that Kassian lost his balance numerous times inside the building.

When we brought him into a building we had to go up a couple of stairs and he almost fell. We held him and told him to sit down on a couch. 
 The Police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM) has confirmed that a 20 year old woman was driving, while another 18 year old was also aboard the truck number 8.  Mr. Petrenko (the witness) said to have seen only one of the two women. She was taken to hospital on a stretcher.

No one was injured as bad as him. The woman [he saw] had no blood on her face or no other injuries.
 At first glance, the man said not recognizing Kassian, who was acquired from the Vancouver Canucks on July 1 in return for Brandon Prust. That's when he gave his name to the police that he understood that this is a Habs player who was in the lobby of his building.

He did not have his Canadiens jersey. He had a shirt Rolling Stones. When he told Zack Kassian, I said 'see, therefore, it is impossible! What the hell is  he doing here? 

Complaining of being cold, the 24-year-old was in short sleeves and wore shorts at the time. Canadiens described his injuries as minor.

According to Petrenko (the witness), if it weren't for the tree, the truck would've rammed the structure of the building.

Traces of braking Road exit were still visible several hours after the accident.

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