'It's not supposed to be a goal' -Petr Mrazek

Not surprisingly that the controversial goal award goes to Brendan Gallagher was the main topic of conversation in the Red Wings locker room after the game.

I totally disagree with them. The puck was on my leg when (Gallagher) touched me, commented Petr Mrazek bluntly, who was bombarded with 40 shots during that evening.
I was 100% certain that the goal was going to  be denied, said the goaltender who wasn't scared to tell Dave Jackson, one of the two referees of the match.

Jackson tried to explain himself, he didn't manage to convince Czech goaltender.

He told me the puck entered the net before the player touches me. I believe rather that pushed me at the same time the puck in the net. 

That said, a goal is not a meeting and the Red Wings have not lost the game because of this controversy. Moreover, the visitors coach was quick to recognize it. With a difference of 19 shots (41 against 22), this finding was not difficult to do.

I will not hide that the goal bothered me. This means that we spend too much time in our territory, he said. Let's say there are still some aspects of the game we have to improve.

Mrazek must have the same impression. For the second time in as many outings, he faced a barrage of more than 40 shots. Last week, the Hurricanes have directed 47 shots at him.

Do you think that controversial goal should've been counted? 

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