Video: KHL player's throat slashed by opponent's skate

khl player throat slash

A KHL player was slashed in the throat with a skate during a game in Russia. Ladislav Nagy was trying to gain control of the puck, when he lost control and his skate went flying into the air. Dramatic footage shows Vitali Sitnikov clutching his neck and collapsing after being slashed by Nagy's skate.

Watch the freak accident:

Sitnikov quickly gets off the ice, shows his teammates the wound and promptly collapses. Luckily, the skate didn’t cut his artery and after a few stitches he recovered.

The freak accident happened at the beginning of the third period of the game between HC Ugra and HC Slovan Bratislava. Sitnikov received best wishes from his own team, HC Ugra, as well as Slovakia’s HC Slovan, who they were playing. HC Slovan head coach Milos Riha stated: “I would like to support the player who got injured, I hope he’s alrite.”

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