Justin Williams almost signed with the Montreal Canadiens

Justin Williams thought about the Canadiens' offer over a long period of time over last summer. The 34 year old finally decided to sign a 2-year, 6.5 Million dollar contract with the Washington Capitals.

I almost signed with the Habs, Williams told The Montreal Gazette. They had a great offer. I wasn't thinking about the money they offered, the offer was amazing. But I am glad I chose to land in Washington. I thought about the players on both teams, but I thought about playing with players with big names such as Evgeny Kutznetsov, Nicklas Backstrom and the great 8 Alexander Ovechkin, it isn't that bad.

In 58 Games since the season debut, Williams notched 42 points including 19 Goals. If Williams would've signed with the Montreal Canadiens do you think he could've helped them gain space in the standings?

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