NHL Rumors: Russia Boycott World Cup of Hockey

2016 nhl rumors slava voynov

There are rumors swirling that the National Hockey League is going to ban former NHL defenseman Slava Voynov from playing the inaugural World Cup of Hockey in September. This ban stems from Voynov's domestic abuse conviction, when he was a member of the LA Kings. At the time, Voynov was suspended indefinitely by the NHL and forced to leave back to Russia to play hockey.

Slava Malamud is reporting there may be a political showdown between the NHL and the Russian Hockey Federation over the banning of Voynov. Voynov played recently for Russia at the IIHF tournament.

Malamud says he "wouldn't be surprised if Russia considered boycotting the World Cup over Voynov". A World Cup of Hockey without Russia would be a let down for many fans.

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