Video: Nintendo Super Mario Kart Projected Onto NHL Ice

nintendo mario kart projection nhl lighting

The Tampa Bay Lightning projected Mario Kart onto the ice during a Game 3 intermission in their series against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It's not your usual version of the Nintendo racing game because the Lightning mascot ThunderBug was featured as well as the Red Wings mascot Al the Octopus.

Watch the amazing projection:

The video shows what looks like a hack of 1992's Super Mario Kart. It appears to be a pre-recorded video. The main characters are the Lightning's mascot ThunderBug and Red Wings' mascot Al the Octopus. Other characters seen in the video include Bowser, Toad, and Mario. The leaderboard is displayed at centre ice and on the jumbotron.

What an entertaining way to pass the 15 minute intermission! The hockey game wasn't as much fun for hometown fans because the Lightning lost to the Penguins 4-2.

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